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Hi I am Nic Hilditch-Short and I am a designer, photographer, explorer and blogger. I work in many styles of art and design on both personal projects, publications and freelance as well as running my travel blog (The Roaming Renegades.com).  I gained a 2:1 in Fine Art from Staffordshire University in 2010 concentrating mainly on painting, I have then gone on the study for an MA in Design & Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan University (Which I finish in October 2014) where I have moved my focus on to photography, graphic design and publications giving me a varied and unique set of skills and ideas.

My work is about questioning normalities and breaking the status quo. It is about encouraging the individual narrative and breaking out of the way in which the city and modernity controls our lives through distraction and fear. It promotes the discovery and exploration of our cities, our worlds and our potentials. My work speaks about taking the side street instead of the high street and discovering the real city for yourself, taking your own journey and making your own interpretations. Seeing the richness of textures, faded memories and lost messages which the modern metropolis censors through consumerism, de-personalisation and a dumbing down.  It is about getting lost on purpose and the authenticity of individual experience, rejecting the hand holding of modernity both home and abroad and taking your own journey. It is also about the idea of risk taking and the safety net we are encouraged to invest our time and lives into. In exposing the fragility of that safety net and it’s fraudulent nature. I explore places such as derelict factories and mills, once the epitome of everyday entrapment they become our escape from it. These modern ruins existing behind the fa├žade of the modern city, being real and yet not part of reality. Transformed from the banal grind of existence into spaces of uncanny serenity within the flux of the city. Rushed past in the haze of distraction, or investigated as the entrance to a lost world of possibilities, a passage way to another space of existence outside of normality and the start of a journey of escape. 

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