2 Oct 2012

Imagery, Lettering and Missing information Experimentation.

To start of my MA project I wanted to do some simple experiments playing with imagery, lettering and missing information. 

graphic design, urbex, half tone, halftone, eroded, dots, explore, dream, discover, adventure, quotes, manchester, mmu

After the Strategies of Thought lectures and the ideas surrounding seduction, withholding of information and its connections to my ideas about censorship and control I wanted to produce something which I felt bought all those together. 

I wanted to do something simple but quite loaded with ideas, something which would be interpreted in different ways. I wanted to look at cutting up the words, creating tensions by having them leave the page and creating the impression something is being held back or hidden. Equally the images has been eroded using a halftone screen to restrict some of the information and make it harder to read. 

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