11 Feb 2014

BURO 2. New Submission.

I've been flat out with assessment work and Christmas this past few weeks I but finally had chance to do something creative again and was excited to look at my submission for the MMU School of Art publication Buro. 
Japan Zine Tokyo graphic design collage travel exploration getting lost on purpose buro

After the relief of the contexts presentations being over and also for me the great feeling to have finally realised quite a lot of things about both my work and general outlook (Contexts presentation, my unaltered scans I used for both this submission and my zine can also be found here.) after that we wanted to do something creative again! So we decided to put all our research and ideas to good use and base the theme for Buro 2 on our presentations.

 Due to the nature of my general practice I had actually already don
e quite a bit of work based around my Contexts Presentations theme and my trip to Tokyo, which you can see more of here ( Tokyo Zine). Because of that I felt that doing something completely different was unnecessary and I also felt it would be good to take the work I had done and be able to publish that elsewhere as I was in fact quite happy with it.  

So I decided to take scan from my printed zine and play with in further. I was wary of the editing cheapening the piece if it became overly "preachy" or controversial and decided simplicity was the best way. I wanted something that would be quite open to interpretation also and allow several readings which I felt would strengthen the message of individuality and breaking out of liner thought. 

The original Zine was about presenting fragments of memory left from an experience. About allowing yourself to get lost and immerse yourself in the details travelling can bring and how deep that experience can go, as opposed to the shallow view we receive from an all inclusive package holiday. The censoring of the tag line representing both what is waiting to be discovered but also the barriers created by the resorts who censor and control your experience for their financial gain, re-enforcing your fears and need to be babied whilst abroad. 

My finished piece which will be going to print in February 
Japan Zine Tokyo graphic design collage travel exploration getting lost on purpose buro


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