30 Jun 2014

Exploring The Fragility Of Normality and The Everyday. Photographic Experiments.

As the pressure and deadlines at University have began to pile up I have been working towards a mock exhibition in preparation for the MA show in October. I have been experimenting a lot with film photography as well as using the spaces themselves to leave am impression upon the image of itself. I have thought a lot recently also about how my work and my plans for our future escape are beginning to align more and more as I come to the point in which I am ready to make my final statement for my work. 

"They are one-offs, they are chance taking, they are discoveries waiting to be found and they are fragments of the unpredictable and intriguing world most overlook for the reassuring entrapment of normality."   urbex, photography, decay, abandoned, urban, city, normality, entrapment, lifestyle design, double exposure, 35mm, 120mm, black and white, lomo, lomography, expired film, analogue, print, bleach, bleached photos, experiments, art, design, fragments, memory, presence, ghosts, ephemera, normality, the everyday, challenging, escaping, revolution, rising up, work, dreams, life, the city, manchester, fothergills, fothergill and harvey, paul short, nicola hilditch-short, littleborough, rock nook mill, exploring, discovery, narrative, journey,

12 Jun 2014

Seeking Out The Misplace In Your Everyday. Zine Experiment.

Earlier on in my practice development I had created some mock train tickets and used them as an intervention within Manchester. I had also began collecting some images of the train tickets taken by some friends on their travels and it gave me an idea to develop this project further and into a zine entitled "Seeking Out The Misplace In Your Everyday". 

train tickets, zine, intervention, publication, alternative, lifestyle, travel, blog, seeking out the misplace, escaping the everyday, conveyor belt, normality, questioning, extraordinary, traveller, traveler, traveling, travelling, urban, city, ephemera, challenge, experiences, routine, break out, escape, trips, adventure, commute, censorship, fragment, ownership, reality, presence, faded memory, abandoned, urbex, mill, exploration, transform, journey, narrative, individual, modern slavery, entrapment, chains, distraction,

35MM & 120MM Film Photography/ Lomography

Over the past couple of months I have been experimenting with film cameras both colour, black & white, 35mm and 120mm alongside my digital photography. I have taken my film cameras with me on some recent explorations and trips and feel for my final MA outcome the use of analogue photography will be a central component.  
Photography, Lomography, light leaks, film, analog, analogue, 35mm, 120mm, pentax k1000, expired film, manchester, explore, urbex, history, diana, black and white, vintage, hipster, indie, instagram, no filter, experiments, old school, negatives, printing, travel, budapest, wales, pug

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