23 May 2014

Atmospheric Lomo style URBEX photography.

Continuing on from my explorations last week I wanted to re-look at the images I took to try to really play with the idea of history, atmosphere and the unique experience. As mentioned before I have been taking my film camera out but they are not ready to be developed yet, so this is some experimentation with the types of effects and images I would like to start creating. 

photography, lomo, black and white, texture, film, urbex, exploration, urban decay, derelict, abandoned, adventure, explore, light leaks, damaged photo, atmosphere, experimental, shadows, shades, colour, light, time, history, individual, experience, uncanny, surreal, dream like, real, everyday, fragility, mill, factory, oldham, rochdale, manchester, hartford mill, rock nock mill, pug, misplace

20 May 2014

URBEX Photography. Revisiting old faithful!

As practice 3 gets into full swing at uni I was keen to take some of my new ideas out into explorations, to look more at atmosphere and really capturing the feel of a place. I also felt I had gotten more confident with my photography and after visiting Hartford Mill I was keen to get back up to Fothergills as the weather and light conditions favoured the type of image I wanted to create. 

urbex, photography, black and white, tone, atmosphere, fothergill and harvey, rock nook mill, shadows, narrative, eerie, factory, abandoned, derelict, light, natural light, society, greater Manchester, Littleborough, industrial revolution, ruins, apocalypse, separation, place, explore, adventure,

6 May 2014

BUDAPEST Zine, Remnants Of Memory

I have recently become more and more interested in publishing and layout design along side my travelling and exploration work and after creating a zine for my trip to Japan in October last year and so decided I would continue to develop this side of my work with this Budapest zine. 

Budapest, zine, publication, scrapbook, self published, experience, collage, montage, photographs, rips, travel, journal, guide, airport tickets, stamps, money, coins, fragments, experience, travelling, tourism, independence, lost, seeing, ephemera, passport, memento, Hungary, Budapest, Europe. collected items, souvenir, tickets, metro maps, tram, train, statue, bus, guns, real life, authentic travel,

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