22 Feb 2014

Exploring The City. Observational Photography.

For me the true essence of a place is in the details, in the things that make the place unique, that give it its true character. Manchester is a city I love and am proud to call it home, I love walking to and from University, wandering around the back streets and seeing what I might find. 

London Road fire station, Details, exploring city, close up photography, manchester, urbex, ephemera, urban narrative

21 Feb 2014

Train Tickets Urban Infiltration!

As part of my on going practice and interventions I decided to create a series of train tickets to them distribute in the train stations of Manchester to create a direct message and connection to the city and it's people. 

Intervention art, graphic design, urban art, exploration, question normality, escape the everyday, explore, train tickets, seek the misplace, non place, revolution, graphic design, urbex, urban narrative, see the details

19 Feb 2014

Hijacking Billboards & Fly Posting Messages!

I have been doing a lot of work recently since my last tutorial after realising I was maybe thinking about all this stuff a little too much, planning and procrastinating and needed to take a leap and start making! My first endeavour was to go out into the urban environment and spread my messages and ideas! 

billboard, intervention art, graphic design, question normality, free thinking, escaping the everyday, fly posting, urbex, exploring, exploration art, street signs, no fly posting, no entry, one way,

11 Feb 2014

BURO 2. New Submission.

I've been flat out with assessment work and Christmas this past few weeks I but finally had chance to do something creative again and was excited to look at my submission for the MMU School of Art publication Buro. 
Japan Zine Tokyo graphic design collage travel exploration getting lost on purpose buro

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