15 Oct 2014

MA Show... The Fragility Of Normality.

After 2 years of hard work, stress and deadlines my MA was finally coming to an end and although I am relived to have it all over and done with I am also sad that this great adventure is ending but I now have my sights set on the future and all the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Here is my installation which I created for my MA show entitled "The Fragility Of Normality". 

25 Aug 2014

The Roaming Renegades Travel Magazine Project

Finally after month of hard work the first issue of the roaming renegades magazine has been printed and is on sale online in both paperback and e-book versions. Publications have become a massive part of my practice over the past couple of years on my MA and this Roaming Renegades Magazine sets out a marker in my career and development of that. 

the roaming renegades, travel publication, travel, travel blog, layout design, scrapbook, journal, experimental, alternative, modern, new, young, japan, tokyo, budapest, article, dublin, photography, zine, book, publication, magazine,

24 Aug 2014

Double Exposure 35mm URBEX Photography

I recently played around with a new panoramic camera I acquired producing some interesting double exposure images inside a local derelict mill, he I wanted to play with the idea of the multi layered experience and existence of these spaces. 

urbex, double exposure, lomography, film photography, analogue photography, analog photography, photography, experimental, urban exploring, place hacking, hartford mill, oldham, freehold, industrial revolution, mill, factory, abandoned, derelict, exploration, art

Cross Processed 35mm Slide Film Photography

I took the Pentax k1000 back out again and this time got hold of some expired slide film, which was something I hadn't used before but I had done a little digging online and thought it sounded like it could result in some interesting photographs so I was keen to give it a try. 

urbex, urban exploration, situationist, psychogeography, photography, film photography, slide film, cross processed, experimentation, graphic design, strange, derelict, uncanny, abandoned, remnants, fragility,

4 Jul 2014

"The Fragility Of Normality", Testing time exhibition.

I have recently come to a mile stone in my Masters where I am beginning to look at what I could exhibit in the final MA show in October. Ok, it is a little soon you might say but what we have done here is called "Testing time" which is where we try to bring our ideas together to see how we might show them and see how well our practice is working and how it communicates our ideas. Well, here is my offering and I feel it relates quite a lot to the idea of alternative lifestyles and breaking out from that mold of normality. 

the everyday, exploration, urbex, bleached photos, decayed photos, print, photography, ephemera, found objects, installation, urban, city, situationist, guy debord, getting lost on purpose, escape, lifestyle, travel, nomad, question normality, film photography, lomo, lomography, light leaks, double exposure, installation art, intervention, analogue, analoge, destroyed prints, 120mm, 35mm, pentax, diana, exporation, normality, the everyday, uncanny, suppressed memory,

30 Jun 2014

Exploring The Fragility Of Normality and The Everyday. Photographic Experiments.

As the pressure and deadlines at University have began to pile up I have been working towards a mock exhibition in preparation for the MA show in October. I have been experimenting a lot with film photography as well as using the spaces themselves to leave am impression upon the image of itself. I have thought a lot recently also about how my work and my plans for our future escape are beginning to align more and more as I come to the point in which I am ready to make my final statement for my work. 

"They are one-offs, they are chance taking, they are discoveries waiting to be found and they are fragments of the unpredictable and intriguing world most overlook for the reassuring entrapment of normality."   urbex, photography, decay, abandoned, urban, city, normality, entrapment, lifestyle design, double exposure, 35mm, 120mm, black and white, lomo, lomography, expired film, analogue, print, bleach, bleached photos, experiments, art, design, fragments, memory, presence, ghosts, ephemera, normality, the everyday, challenging, escaping, revolution, rising up, work, dreams, life, the city, manchester, fothergills, fothergill and harvey, paul short, nicola hilditch-short, littleborough, rock nook mill, exploring, discovery, narrative, journey,

12 Jun 2014

Seeking Out The Misplace In Your Everyday. Zine Experiment.

Earlier on in my practice development I had created some mock train tickets and used them as an intervention within Manchester. I had also began collecting some images of the train tickets taken by some friends on their travels and it gave me an idea to develop this project further and into a zine entitled "Seeking Out The Misplace In Your Everyday". 

train tickets, zine, intervention, publication, alternative, lifestyle, travel, blog, seeking out the misplace, escaping the everyday, conveyor belt, normality, questioning, extraordinary, traveller, traveler, traveling, travelling, urban, city, ephemera, challenge, experiences, routine, break out, escape, trips, adventure, commute, censorship, fragment, ownership, reality, presence, faded memory, abandoned, urbex, mill, exploration, transform, journey, narrative, individual, modern slavery, entrapment, chains, distraction,

35MM & 120MM Film Photography/ Lomography

Over the past couple of months I have been experimenting with film cameras both colour, black & white, 35mm and 120mm alongside my digital photography. I have taken my film cameras with me on some recent explorations and trips and feel for my final MA outcome the use of analogue photography will be a central component.  
Photography, Lomography, light leaks, film, analog, analogue, 35mm, 120mm, pentax k1000, expired film, manchester, explore, urbex, history, diana, black and white, vintage, hipster, indie, instagram, no filter, experiments, old school, negatives, printing, travel, budapest, wales, pug

23 May 2014

Atmospheric Lomo style URBEX photography.

Continuing on from my explorations last week I wanted to re-look at the images I took to try to really play with the idea of history, atmosphere and the unique experience. As mentioned before I have been taking my film camera out but they are not ready to be developed yet, so this is some experimentation with the types of effects and images I would like to start creating. 

photography, lomo, black and white, texture, film, urbex, exploration, urban decay, derelict, abandoned, adventure, explore, light leaks, damaged photo, atmosphere, experimental, shadows, shades, colour, light, time, history, individual, experience, uncanny, surreal, dream like, real, everyday, fragility, mill, factory, oldham, rochdale, manchester, hartford mill, rock nock mill, pug, misplace

20 May 2014

URBEX Photography. Revisiting old faithful!

As practice 3 gets into full swing at uni I was keen to take some of my new ideas out into explorations, to look more at atmosphere and really capturing the feel of a place. I also felt I had gotten more confident with my photography and after visiting Hartford Mill I was keen to get back up to Fothergills as the weather and light conditions favoured the type of image I wanted to create. 

urbex, photography, black and white, tone, atmosphere, fothergill and harvey, rock nook mill, shadows, narrative, eerie, factory, abandoned, derelict, light, natural light, society, greater Manchester, Littleborough, industrial revolution, ruins, apocalypse, separation, place, explore, adventure,

6 May 2014

BUDAPEST Zine, Remnants Of Memory

I have recently become more and more interested in publishing and layout design along side my travelling and exploration work and after creating a zine for my trip to Japan in October last year and so decided I would continue to develop this side of my work with this Budapest zine. 

Budapest, zine, publication, scrapbook, self published, experience, collage, montage, photographs, rips, travel, journal, guide, airport tickets, stamps, money, coins, fragments, experience, travelling, tourism, independence, lost, seeing, ephemera, passport, memento, Hungary, Budapest, Europe. collected items, souvenir, tickets, metro maps, tram, train, statue, bus, guns, real life, authentic travel,

21 Apr 2014

New Creative CV and Portfolio

I have recently been working on a new creative CV and Portfolio in order to gain some more professional experience and freelance work. I wanted something that really expressed me as a designer and as an individual as my interests and beliefs very much inspire my creative outputs. I wanted something which would communicate my personality and create also some intrigue. 

17 Apr 2014

Photography with my Pug!

I had my camera out yesterday playing around with a few things for uni as well as the 4 film cameras I have acquired for some on going experiments I hope to update you with soon. I decided to get some up to date shots of my little monster/ gremlin Dooku. This dude is not the easiest to photograph, he just jumps about all over the place and tries to scratch the camera!! But here he is!

pugs, pug, mopps, photography, fog, landscape, dog, dogs, silly, cute, hipster, cameras, macro, soft focus,

30 Mar 2014

Observational Drawings and Found Stamps.

Recently I have been playing around with some observational drawings in order to see how another method of image collection effects how the place is captured and how they reflect better the idea of personal interpretation of our environments. 

sketch, manchester, urbex, urban exploration, urban sketching, drawing, moleskine, castlefield, pen, ink, industrial, details, london road, bricks, walls, derelict,

12 Mar 2014

BURO 2. Publication Printing and Lauch

So BURO 2 is out! If you don't know, BURO is a collective publication produced by the MA art and design students at MMU/Manchester School Of Art. BURO 2 centred around the themes we looked at in our context presentations towards the end of last year. My presentation was entitled "Getting Lost On Purpose: Embracing Complexity" which you can read more about on my post here: Contexts Presentation and Lifestyle Revelations

buro, publication, manchester, manchester school of art, ma, design and art direction, D&AD, MMU, getting lost on purpose, zine, publication, censorship, tourism, travel, all inclusive, breaking out, individual, interpretation, freedom, complexity, simplexity, japan, tokyo, hand printed, student, graphic design, fine art,

11 Mar 2014

Rock Nook Mill Photography and Experiments

Recently I feel I have improved a lot with my photography and also progressed a lot with my practice and ideas, I was also keen to get back out and explore some more. So we took a trip back to Rock Nook mill (Fothergill & Harveys) to have another look around, take some photos and look for further experimentation ideas... always scheming! 

urbex, forgotten, remnants, abandoned, lost, found objects, urban exploration, explore, adventure, design, photography, manchester, littleborough, rock nook mill, fothergill and harvey, urban narrative, peeling paint, derelict,

22 Feb 2014

Exploring The City. Observational Photography.

For me the true essence of a place is in the details, in the things that make the place unique, that give it its true character. Manchester is a city I love and am proud to call it home, I love walking to and from University, wandering around the back streets and seeing what I might find. 

London Road fire station, Details, exploring city, close up photography, manchester, urbex, ephemera, urban narrative

21 Feb 2014

Train Tickets Urban Infiltration!

As part of my on going practice and interventions I decided to create a series of train tickets to them distribute in the train stations of Manchester to create a direct message and connection to the city and it's people. 

Intervention art, graphic design, urban art, exploration, question normality, escape the everyday, explore, train tickets, seek the misplace, non place, revolution, graphic design, urbex, urban narrative, see the details

19 Feb 2014

Hijacking Billboards & Fly Posting Messages!

I have been doing a lot of work recently since my last tutorial after realising I was maybe thinking about all this stuff a little too much, planning and procrastinating and needed to take a leap and start making! My first endeavour was to go out into the urban environment and spread my messages and ideas! 

billboard, intervention art, graphic design, question normality, free thinking, escaping the everyday, fly posting, urbex, exploring, exploration art, street signs, no fly posting, no entry, one way,

11 Feb 2014

BURO 2. New Submission.

I've been flat out with assessment work and Christmas this past few weeks I but finally had chance to do something creative again and was excited to look at my submission for the MMU School of Art publication Buro. 
Japan Zine Tokyo graphic design collage travel exploration getting lost on purpose buro

24 Jan 2014

Questioning Normality via Propaganda Banner Intervention!

After my experiments with my fly posting and billboard interventions (Billboards and Fly Posting) I was keen to take it to the next level and make a big statement using a banner. I had aspirations of something much larger, which may be something I go on to do, but this was the test piece to see how those ideas transferred to this presentation. 

banner, protest, red flag, escape the everyday, question normality, urbex, derelict, propaganda, urban, industrial, design and art direction, art, statement, alternative lifestyle

Observational Photography around the city

For me the true essence of a place is in the details, in the things that make the place unique, that give it its true character. Manchester is a city I love and am proud to call it home, I love walking to and from University, wandering around the back streets and seeing what I might find. 

London Road fire station, Details, exploring city, close up photography, manchester, urbex, ephemera, urban narrative

9 Jan 2014

Assessment for MA D&AD!

So yesterday came the day I have been both waiting for a dreading for the past few months... my second major assessment point for my MA, having had my last one all the way back in May and smaller presentation assessment in October. 

Design and Art Direction, D&AD, Graphic Design, Fine Art, MMU, Manchester school of art,

1 Jan 2014

Gruber Garratt Logos and Branding

Logo Experiments.

I have been keen to develop my professional outputs of late as well as working on my main practice and I had a unique opportunity to test out my new found skills, confidence and style by working with my current employers on their re-branding. 

Gruber Garratt, solicitors, lawyers, quality solicitors, letterhead, logos, logo, signprint, sign, type, text, font, green logo, industrial, legal practice, oldham

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