21 Nov 2013

InBetween Places. My Book!

Recently I have been working on my first book in which I aimed to bring together a lot of the work I have been doing over the last few months to create a document which represents those ideas in a concise and ambiguous fashion. 

Well, here it finally is!!

publication, zine, urbex, abandoned, inbetween places, found objects, ephemera, explore, psychogeorgraphy, manchester, situtationist, abandoned, derelict, hospital, train tickets, windows, urban, wanderings, city, flux, the everyday, question normality, intervention art, graphic design

14 Nov 2013

Mock Newspaper Implanted Into The City!

I have recently been interested in creating some publications and also doing some interventions in public spaces. I felt that both suited the way my work was going and so decided to combine the two and create a newspaper which mocks the fabric and messages of the city. 

Newspaper, publication, zine, self published, mock, tabloid, control, media manipulation, portfolio, graphic design, censorship, intervention, urban environment, everyday city, challenge,

2 Nov 2013

Contexts Presentation & Lifestyle Discussion

I usually try and keep my posts down to a smaller word count but this post is centered around some quite important issues to me and also some revelations I came to whilst working on my recent presentation for University and I felt it was useful to discuss them here as they give some context to my work and blog. I hope you can take the time to have a read through! 

Japan, travel, collage, scrapbook, scan, black and white, travelling, traveling, journey, found object, notes, abstract, fragments, revaluations, questioning normality, revolution, individuals

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