31 Oct 2013

Hand Printed Tokyo Zine!

Since my last tutorial and my contexts presentation I have began to set myself some deadlines and really started to push my work and start making and doing all those things I have been thinking about. 
The first was to produce a zine which represented my trip to Tokyo and also the ideas about that relating to my contexts presentation. (my unaltered scans which I used for this piece are included with my presentation too.)

Tokyo, Japan, Zine, riso, risograph, screen print, publication, hand made, craft, travelling, traveling, exploration, adventure, travel blog, travel diary, graphic design

11 Oct 2013

No Fly Posters - Printing On Found Objects

The work I did a little earlier on for a submission to the "No Fly Posters" project in Ancoats (http://www.nichilditch-short.co.uk/2014/06/no-fly-posters-project-in-ancoats.html) has over the time since then become an important part of my practice and ideas. I decided to take it a step further and to give it some additional context by printing this onto found objects such as glass and old paper. 
screen print, no fly posters, ancoats, manchester, graphic design, sign painting, industrial revolution, adventure, exploration, urbex, mmu, found objects, ephemera,

5 Oct 2013

Censored Posters Exploring Ownership Of The City

After playing around with some posters ideas I wanted to look at pushing the ideas of ownership of the urban environment a little further. I decided to look at censorship and denial of information along with the cultural and social implications of doing so. 

progaganda, poster, flyer, bill poster, censor, control, city, manchester, abandoned, urbex, exploration, adventure, graphic design, design, freelance, 1984,

4 Oct 2013

Experimenting With Lost Narratives And Fragments Of The City

After creating some pieces for the publication NOUS earlier on in the year I had kind of moved on from there until my tutor suggested I take another look. I began to see past the original intentions for this piece and saw how I had created something which spoke about the ghost like broken narratives left behind in an abandoned buildings through remnants of signage. I decided to  develop this further. 

fragments, messages, traces, ghosts, urban, decay, urbex, abandoned, urban decay, screenprinting,

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