27 Jul 2013

Photos Of Photos In Abandoned Factory!

I was back in Fothergills earlier on whilst putting the banner up and decided I would take the opportunity to do a few experiments with some photos I had taken on the previous visit. I wanted to continue from the idea of the glitch photos and an alternative reality and take some photos of photos back in the space to explore that further. 
glitch, photo of photo, photography, inception, false reality, matrix, question normality, what we miss, abandoned, travel, derelict, traces, representation, photoception, urbex, explore, design

11 Jul 2013

Playing Around With Type & Lettering

Recently with the trip to New York and all the arrangement with the wedding going on I haven't had much time to really do anything creative, but after returning I wanted to work on my travel scrapbook and make some little mementos. I felt this would be a great way to get me back into the swing of things for the upcoming University semester and also do something a little different than my practice work. 

Logo, graphic design, type, traditional, modern, classic, industrial, wedding, new york, vintage, scrapbook, travel, gigs, memento,

10 Jul 2013

BURO 1.5 - MMU School Of Art Publication - Submission.

I have again been involved in the development of the publication Buro along with my fellow MA D&AD students. Seeing as it was over the summer period and so we were all quite busy we decided to produce 1.5 as a smaller mini issue based around the idea of "Holidays" which connects to a lot of my interests. 

screenprint, postcard, manchester, buro, buro 1.5, mmu, manchester school of art, publication, self printed, self publicised, zine, urbex, victoria arches, holidays, travel, exploration

Scrapbooking The City...Psychogeography Experiment!

I decided to take a walk around my city with no particular destination in mind and collect interesting objects and photographs to create a new kind of representation of the city. 

scrapbook, ephemera, photography, found objects, urbex, alternative lifestyle, everyday, details, fragments, urban, psychogeography, situationist, the city, Manchester,

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