21 Nov 2013

InBetween Places. My Book!

Recently I have been working on my first book in which I aimed to bring together a lot of the work I have been doing over the last few months to create a document which represents those ideas in a concise and ambiguous fashion. 

Well, here it finally is!!

publication, zine, urbex, abandoned, inbetween places, found objects, ephemera, explore, psychogeorgraphy, manchester, situtationist, abandoned, derelict, hospital, train tickets, windows, urban, wanderings, city, flux, the everyday, question normality, intervention art, graphic design

14 Nov 2013

Mock Newspaper Implanted Into The City!

I have recently been interested in creating some publications and also doing some interventions in public spaces. I felt that both suited the way my work was going and so decided to combine the two and create a newspaper which mocks the fabric and messages of the city. 

Newspaper, publication, zine, self published, mock, tabloid, control, media manipulation, portfolio, graphic design, censorship, intervention, urban environment, everyday city, challenge,

2 Nov 2013

Contexts Presentation & Lifestyle Discussion

I usually try and keep my posts down to a smaller word count but this post is centered around some quite important issues to me and also some revelations I came to whilst working on my recent presentation for University and I felt it was useful to discuss them here as they give some context to my work and blog. I hope you can take the time to have a read through! 

Japan, travel, collage, scrapbook, scan, black and white, travelling, traveling, journey, found object, notes, abstract, fragments, revaluations, questioning normality, revolution, individuals

31 Oct 2013

Hand Printed Tokyo Zine!

Since my last tutorial and my contexts presentation I have began to set myself some deadlines and really started to push my work and start making and doing all those things I have been thinking about. 
The first was to produce a zine which represented my trip to Tokyo and also the ideas about that relating to my contexts presentation. (my unaltered scans which I used for this piece are included with my presentation too.)

Tokyo, Japan, Zine, riso, risograph, screen print, publication, hand made, craft, travelling, traveling, exploration, adventure, travel blog, travel diary, graphic design

11 Oct 2013

No Fly Posters - Printing On Found Objects

The work I did a little earlier on for a submission to the "No Fly Posters" project in Ancoats (http://www.nichilditch-short.co.uk/2014/06/no-fly-posters-project-in-ancoats.html) has over the time since then become an important part of my practice and ideas. I decided to take it a step further and to give it some additional context by printing this onto found objects such as glass and old paper. 
screen print, no fly posters, ancoats, manchester, graphic design, sign painting, industrial revolution, adventure, exploration, urbex, mmu, found objects, ephemera,

5 Oct 2013

Censored Posters Exploring Ownership Of The City

After playing around with some posters ideas I wanted to look at pushing the ideas of ownership of the urban environment a little further. I decided to look at censorship and denial of information along with the cultural and social implications of doing so. 

progaganda, poster, flyer, bill poster, censor, control, city, manchester, abandoned, urbex, exploration, adventure, graphic design, design, freelance, 1984,

4 Oct 2013

Experimenting With Lost Narratives And Fragments Of The City

After creating some pieces for the publication NOUS earlier on in the year I had kind of moved on from there until my tutor suggested I take another look. I began to see past the original intentions for this piece and saw how I had created something which spoke about the ghost like broken narratives left behind in an abandoned buildings through remnants of signage. I decided to  develop this further. 

fragments, messages, traces, ghosts, urban, decay, urbex, abandoned, urban decay, screenprinting,

6 Sep 2013

BURO 1.5 - Screenprints & Postcard Developments

Following on from the work I had done for my BURO 1.5 submission I began to realise as the year went and especially after my contexts presentation that these ideas were much more important for my practice. I decided to develop them further and take those smaller postcards and screenprint them up on to some found substrates from abandoned buildings. 

buro, buro 1.5, mmu, ma, d&ad, school of art, manchester, screenprinting, found objects, details, ephemera, city, urban narrative, postcards, visit manchester,

14 Aug 2013

No Fly Posters project in Ancoats!

I have been on the look out for anything I can get involved in of late looking for both opportunities and inspiration and in this project being ran by Jon Bland in Ancoats I found both. Being in Manchester and relating to street signs it really caught my imagination. 

type, font, text, no fly posters, ancoats, traditional, vintage, grunge, worn down, graphics, graphic design, sign paint, sign, shop, glass, street signs, re-design, manchester, urbex,

27 Jul 2013

Photos Of Photos In Abandoned Factory!

I was back in Fothergills earlier on whilst putting the banner up and decided I would take the opportunity to do a few experiments with some photos I had taken on the previous visit. I wanted to continue from the idea of the glitch photos and an alternative reality and take some photos of photos back in the space to explore that further. 
glitch, photo of photo, photography, inception, false reality, matrix, question normality, what we miss, abandoned, travel, derelict, traces, representation, photoception, urbex, explore, design

11 Jul 2013

Playing Around With Type & Lettering

Recently with the trip to New York and all the arrangement with the wedding going on I haven't had much time to really do anything creative, but after returning I wanted to work on my travel scrapbook and make some little mementos. I felt this would be a great way to get me back into the swing of things for the upcoming University semester and also do something a little different than my practice work. 

Logo, graphic design, type, traditional, modern, classic, industrial, wedding, new york, vintage, scrapbook, travel, gigs, memento,

10 Jul 2013

BURO 1.5 - MMU School Of Art Publication - Submission.

I have again been involved in the development of the publication Buro along with my fellow MA D&AD students. Seeing as it was over the summer period and so we were all quite busy we decided to produce 1.5 as a smaller mini issue based around the idea of "Holidays" which connects to a lot of my interests. 

screenprint, postcard, manchester, buro, buro 1.5, mmu, manchester school of art, publication, self printed, self publicised, zine, urbex, victoria arches, holidays, travel, exploration

Scrapbooking The City...Psychogeography Experiment!

I decided to take a walk around my city with no particular destination in mind and collect interesting objects and photographs to create a new kind of representation of the city. 

scrapbook, ephemera, photography, found objects, urbex, alternative lifestyle, everyday, details, fragments, urban, psychogeography, situationist, the city, Manchester,

20 Jun 2013

QS Gruber Garratt Letterhead.

Letterhead Designs.

This one is a little different to my usual practice but as I am trying to get together my portfolio and develop my professional practice I was grateful of the opportunity to have a go at this.

Gruber Garratt, solicitors, lawyers, quality solicitors, letterhead, logos, logo, signprint, sign, type, text, font, green logo, industrial, legal practice, oldham


15 May 2013

NSS Poster competition

As part of my professional and portfolio development I have been looking out for competitions and briefs as well as working on my main practice. I came across this call up to design the National Student Survey poster and felt it was a great opportunity. 

NSS, National Student Survey, competition, 2013, 2014, entry, nus, protest, propaganda, vintage, textured, graphic design, craft, art, be heard

9 May 2013

Creating Logos As A Graphic Explorer!

I have been focused recently on developing my skills and portfolio and as part of that I wanted to really show off my new found confidence and identity as a "Graphic Explorer". I wanted to almost brand myself and experiment with this definition in a logo format. 

logo, graphic explorer, graphic designer, artist, nautical, texture, wood, cobbles, street, culvert, tunnel, design, type, industrial, modern, traditional, sailor, old school,

1 Apr 2013

Alternative Logos Inspired By The City.

Along with the other logo experiments I have been doing (http://www.nichilditch-short.co.uk/2014/06/creating-logos-as-graphic-explorer.html) I have been looking at some which instead of being more about personal branding are now about creating icon for the city using found features of the city and reflecting it' exploration. 

logo, explore everything, manchester, grunge, badge, vintage, textured, urbex, icon, bee, arrows, banner, derelict, vintage, traditional, escape, everyday

11 Jan 2013

Wedding Gift Commission Design.

I was approached recently to design an emblem to be etched into glass for a wedding gift. This was great for me as I am always looking at new ways to express myself and my style and also gaining more experience as I go. 

Wedding gift, best man gift, engraved, thank you, wedding present, graphic design, design, vintage, retro,

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