22 Oct 2012

Fear Is The Thief Of Dreams Poster

These posters are something I did whilst playing around with some other ideas and just wanted to express this idea that for many it is a fear of something, whether that be failure, disappointment, disapproval or even injury. It is that fear that ultimately keeps us in the safety of normality and makes us settle for less than our dreams. I have learnt recently that feeling fearful is not wrong, but how you deal with it. 

propaganda, poster, fear is the thief of dreams, red, screenprint, obey, graphic design, design, climbing, travel, explore, urbex, manchester, mmu,

20 Oct 2012

T-Shirt Intervention & High Street Infiltration. Break The Rules!

Interventions have become increasingly important in the development of my work as I feel they allow me to really communicate with the city itself, create a narrative between my work and the environment and also directly communicate with the general public. I decided to take that further with some infiltration art in the Arndale Shopping centre (Mall). 

protest, infiltration, intervention, high street, arndale centre, mall, shopping center, center, shopping, fashion, brainless, zombie, consumerism, homogenization, homogenisation, generic, next, river island, manchester, graphic design, t-shirt, guerrilla, protest, propaganda, socialism, alternative, awake, against, rise, screenprint, self printed.

18 Oct 2012

DRIP DRIP Till Roll Experiment!

I've been quite busy recently getting a lot of my ideas going and wanted to play with a till roll and the idea that this "Drip Drip Drip" was the never ending beat of the forgotten city below us.

till toll, drip, urbex, underground, city narrative, urban beat, letterpress, graphic design, mmu, manchester,hidden, reveal, art, design

9 Oct 2012

Using The City To Represent Itself

I got the idea a little while back that in representing a place it is the earth, the dirt and the make up of that place where the reality of it exists. It represents the fabric and physicality of that location. So to explore this a little further I created a piece using Manchester as both my subject matter and my media.

this is manchester, manchester, abandoned, urbex, explore, letterpress, design, art, graphic design, duchamp, abstract, fine art, intervention, dirt, urbex, explore, found objects, city

3 Oct 2012

UMBRELLA Logo Ideas for Joint Publication.

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about producing a joint publication for the MA Design and Art Direction students at MMU. One of the things we are still in the process of disguising is the name and so I did a few logo experiments with my suggestion of "Umbrella".

umbrella, logo, manchester, bee, wasp, yellow, black, helvetica, buro, mmu, publication, zine, type, graphic design, simple design, arrows, manchester coat of arms, factory records.

Rules Only Exist As Far As Our Consent To Be Ruled.

I have recently created a series of posters which challenge the idea of rules and our complicitness in accepting those rules without questioning the motives behind them, especially when it comes to our navigation of environment.

propaganda, questioning, rules, rules only exist as far as our consent to be ruled, control, obey, exploring, urbex, screenprint, half tone, dotwork, adventure, social norms, gender stereotypes, alternative lifestyle, poster, graphic design, design, art

2 Oct 2012

Imagery, Lettering and Missing information Experimentation.

To start of my MA project I wanted to do some simple experiments playing with imagery, lettering and missing information. 

graphic design, urbex, half tone, halftone, eroded, dots, explore, dream, discover, adventure, quotes, manchester, mmu

1 Oct 2012

Letterpress Obsession!!

I have been playing around with the Letterpress for the last few weeks, playing with lots of ideas and making a lot of progress. The letterpress is great in how it adds a level of tradition and value to text it's computer generated relation just doesn't have. 

letterpress, train tickets, maps, tradition, text, type, graphic design, mmu, manchester school of art, urban exploring, seeing the city differently, psychogeography, situationist art

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